Synchronising with new Earth Consciousness

Earth Spirit single days

Earth Spirit single days

Earth Spirit single day

Forests of Groesbeek, Netherlands

Sunday 7th February


The earth is going through a new birth now.  As a friend said, the new paradigm being born is as big a shift as it was when people discovered the earth wasn’t flat, but actually round.


This shift of consciousness is coming from the earth herself, and available to transmit through all her creatures, big and small, and especially humans. The earth wants to evolve through all of us who are available.


Earth Spirit days are day long events to help you connect with the new earth inside yourself and to synchronize with the new earth consciousness being born around you.


The days will offer indoor, inner experiences and sharings with Nishant and outdoor drumming journeys and nature attunement with Jaya and Malik (in Dutch). Your day will be hosted by the forests of Groesbeek.

Practical Info

Practical Info

Sunday 13th December 2020 


Each day starts at 10 am and finishes around 5 pm


Location: Bungalow Park Cantecleer in Groesbeek. Inside programme in Malik’s house, outside programme in the forest around the park.


Limited number of participants


Contribution: 95 euros, incl. tea, coffee and cookies; lunch bring your own.


Confirmation and invoice after registration.


Looking forward to connecting live again in the forests of Groesbeek!



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